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Hello i'm Qarina Iman , and i am Malaysian , just call qyna , stay in ampang this year 15teen years old :D,and please , dont you ever say that im a arrogant okay . love to hang with my buncit , lepaking , Movie and shisha :) That's all ;)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

i Know it's me right ? *Thanks

hmm i dh agak dh ur status tuh i kan , 
yaa i know my fault , x text u , x call u kan , 
i jahat kan buat you mcm tuh , 
i buat mcm tuh bukan ape , i rse i terpinggir ,
then i rse u nak Game i , i x nk laa mcm tuh dear , 
u thu kan i mcm mne ?
hmm , i'm really2 sooooooo sorry , 
i rse u x syg i tuh i buat mcm tuh ,
i nak ubah kan u tpi i rse i x boleh ,
yaaa mmg i syg u , tpi hmmm tah laa you , 
maybe dgn perangai u i x percaya , 
i bodoh ! mmg i bodoh x pandai jage you :')
Thanks sbb ckp i mcm tuh , 
i'm so sorry , 
*spe x nak kat u kan u handsome ,
*perempuan keliling pinggang ,
*senang jew nak game ,
*ayat u text i u buat kan i syg kan u lebih ,
*haha i dh malas laa you , 
*member you dh ckp semua nye pasal perangai you ,
u nak ckp i nak percayakan kawan you yaa mmg i percaya sbb diew kenal you !
spe x kenal u kan PLAYBOY :'D
Thank for Evrythings Bunny :')
i hope u happy with ur new Girlfriends ;'D

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