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Hello i'm Qarina Iman , and i am Malaysian , just call qyna , stay in ampang this year 15teen years old :D,and please , dont you ever say that im a arrogant okay . love to hang with my buncit , lepaking , Movie and shisha :) That's all ;)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Cannot wait until My Birthday !!

Haha , i can't wait my birthday , 
This JULY !! 
Faster laaaaaa ! hehe ,
I can't wait for my Present !!! haha , 
Qyna mintak birthday gift from mummy qyna , camera NIKON D5000 Or D5100
Hope dapat laa kan hehe , Hope very very Much doeee!
Sbb dh lme qyna nak Bende niew !
haha Pray For Me yaaaaaa !

Nikon D5100 :)

Nikon D5000 :*

This 6 July 2011 
My Birthday !
To All My Friends I need Ur Present !!
Tak ade Juga Setahun Qyna Tak Layan !
series nie Tak Tipu ! :D

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