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Hello i'm Qarina Iman , and i am Malaysian , just call qyna , stay in ampang this year 15teen years old :D,and please , dont you ever say that im a arrogant okay . love to hang with my buncit , lepaking , Movie and shisha :) That's all ;)

Friday, 3 June 2011

Boy Boy and Boy !

emm buhsan laaa , 
dgn boy niew kan , yew laa ayat2 then dh couple jady trouble rite ? .
single is better rite ? x dew spe nak ggu life kite kan , 
then nk friends dgn spe pun x kisah kan , 
hmm ..

sorry spe yg nak kat qyna , i'm so sorry ,
x accept you , 
cukup sekali kene game !
dgn Jantan Puki Pepek !!!!!

bukan qyna x nak tpi qyna takut , 
qyna nak ade orng boleh tc qyna , x nak 
padang duit qyna jew , qyna benci lelaki mcm tuh ,

hmm qyna still syg kan ,
ex qyna 2febuary2010 ,
qyna nak die balik , qyna x boleyh lupa kan die,
diew segala2 nye untuk qyna , 
bnyak tolong qyna ,
qyna nak ape semua diew bgy ,

and this saturday , diew nak bgy qyna cherry :D
okey i will come to you and take the cherry , you buy it for me , 
Thank you so much dear ! 

see tou at Pavillion .

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