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Hello i'm Qarina Iman , and i am Malaysian , just call qyna , stay in ampang this year 15teen years old :D,and please , dont you ever say that im a arrogant okay . love to hang with my buncit , lepaking , Movie and shisha :) That's all ;)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

6 July 2011 My Birthday !!

's birthday, I do not feel happy to live! somehow I do not know, I feel very sad !
hmm No celebrate with Family No Present From family , !hate so much !
btw Thanks To my friends yg wish Mlm tdy , 
and Thanks To my cusion celbrate my birthday petang tady lepas blik sekolah :')
btw terkejut gak korang nak celebrate hehe anyw thanks thanks and thanks :)
and not forgetting to Cuie and Acap !
thanks to cuie u make me laugh and u so annoying taokk haha ! 
and acap pula Thanks Nyanyi Dgn suare katak kau haha , dn buat keje x sebodoh sgt laa kan kite mlm tadi nak buat call 3 orng x boleh mcm baici kan ! haha ..
haaa Lupaa Thanks To ayim Bgy Cluuu For My present tpi clu u bgy tuh i x sebrape pahm hehe .
x pew ahad i bukak !!

Thanks For All yaaaa !
Loveyousomuch :'*

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